Don't Be Average

About Anything!

written byW. E. Ford
posted on

This entire website is all about don't be average about anything

because we strive to be above average.

Thoreau was right

Most people really DO live lives of quiet desperation and
die with the music still inside them.

You see, most people live their entire lives following a

But it's a script written by somebody else.

Most have no earthly idea THEY are writing the script.

And even more amazing they have no idea their script
writing software has a delete button

And they can change the plot

...the entire cast of characters...

...or even completely recreate, reinvent and transform
the main character (that's YOU) at any time.

You thought you had to follow the present plot out to the
very end?

Not at all.

You thought you were on the last page of the last chapter?

Only if that's what YOU decide.

Any time you decide, you can introduce an entirely new cast
of characters a brand new plot and as many new pages as
you need to complete your story.

Any time.

Even right now.

Did your last chapter not turn out like you expected?

Your hero (that's YOU, by the way) went left at the fork in
the road only to decide 500 miles down the road he should
have gone right?

Do a quick rewrite, have him turn around and go back.

It really IS that easy.

In fact

I give you permission to do it!

If you've been waiting for some magical, mystical authority
figure to float down from the heavens, anoint you and grant
you permission to make a change in your life
...there ya go!

So how are we going to start rewriting your life script?

Would an extra stream of income... *possibly a 6-figure or
even 7-figure income stream*... or even possibly an entirely
new career be an interesting new chapter to your life story?

A business that not only can make you a lot of money...

It'll be something you'll actually enjoy.

But it aint for civilians.

The ONLY people allowed into this special opportunity
are rebels and mavericks who don't see themselves living
an average life.

People who believe "average" is loserville.

People who believe trading hours for dollars is outdated and

People who strive to squeeze more freedom and more enjoyment
and more fun out of their shallow lives!

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